We all feel demotivated from time to time, and we wonder why? How can we possibly achieve our goals if we are not motivated? Motivation in itself is a temporary sensation. Therefore, if you want to be driven and focused on achieving your goals, you must learn how to generate your own steady supply of motivation. The question is how? It’s easier said than done, but the goal of my motivational talks are to show you exactly how to do that.

Most of us find our motivation from external sources. This isn’t very effective, as it fades away quite fast. Especially if our external environment changes, then our source of motivation fades away as well. The key is to generate that motivational energy from within, to become your own source of motivation. By shaping certain beliefs and ways of thinking, it assists in generating a powerful energy from within that helps you to stay motivated and focused.

​If you feel your employees or co-workers are low on motivation, then a motivational talk will boost the morale and get everybody focused again. Not only that, but I will show them how to generate a more consistent source of motivation. As you probably already know, low motivation leads to low morale, which in turn leads to employees that are not productive. This is obviously bad news for the whole company. 

We are all aware of how tough life can get, and many times its unpredictability catches us off guard. These moments create a ripple effect throughout our whole lives, and causes us to lose motivation and lose focus. This is normal and it happens to us all. Sometimes we need to be guided back to our path, and be reminded of the bigger picture. Our physical behaviours are always a reflection of what is going on inside of us, so if someone’s performance is dropping, something is wrong inside of their inner world. 

Recognizing this and dealing with it is the key to keeping yourself productive and motivated. I am not in the business of giving a motivational talk and then inspiring everyone for a couple of days, until their issues within their inner worlds consume them again. I understand that this type of motivation is temporary, in my motivational talks I aim to give the group the tools to generate their own motivation. I address the core problems of their lack of motivation, giving them inspiration to take action in dealing with the source of their problem.  

Being in the industry of competitive sport for many years, I have learned many ways to keep my athletes motivated. Training and competing drains an athlete physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s important to know how to keep the morale high, and keep my athletes motivated in order to ensure a high level of performance.

I have used the same approach to motivate businessmen, writers, artists and various other people who feel that they are losing focus due to a lack of motivation. Make the choice today and put a stop to this demotivated feeling, book your motivational talk now and unleash the best version of yourself!