Individual sessions are all about unlocking the full potential of my clients. Being a qualified Spiritual Life Coach, I use various methods to offer counselling to my clients. These methods help them to deal with the issues that are preventing them from achieving their full potential. My approach is not the same as a normal Life Coach, I delve deeper into your life by examining core beliefs and discovering what is causing your life to be like it is now, all is not what it seems. My style of counselling takes a holistic approach to your life. I look at everything from both a physical and a non-physical perspective. Most of our issues come from not taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding about how things really work. Many of your physical health issues actually have a mental, emotional and spiritual cause. For example, recurring Lower Back Pain could be caused by a lack of financial support or fear of money amongst other things, or chronic stiffness in the neck area could be from suppressed anger or stubbornness. The same goes for many other issues that we face throughout our lives. I have helped people heal their asthma, panic attacks and other issues by helping them to explore the deeper parts of their being. Your body, mind and soul are all connected, if there are issues on one level, it affects all the other levels as well.

Please note that my teachings are not connected to a specific religion. I simply use my knowledge of the human soul, mind and body to guide you towards healing and reaching your full potential.

Many times, we seek healing for a particular issue but nothing seems to work. This is because the issue is being treated on the wrong level. A suppressed belief of unworthiness can cause all sorts of physical and psychological health problems, you could treat those health problems all you like but they will keep coming back. This is because the suppressed belief is what needs to be addressed, not the symptoms of that belief. During our sessions we will dive deep into your mind and find out what is causing your issues. Once we find the root cause, we can deal with it, and the rest of the issues that built on top of it will wither away. Amongst many other things, we will also explore the reasons for why things happened in your life. This will help you to learn from all the experiences in your life and it will help you to let go and build a better future.

The issues within our inner worlds prevent us from living the lives that we desperately want, and it prevents us from reconnecting with our true self. It could be things like:

Relationship issues, performance anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of emotional control, physical fatigue, feeling lost, depression, intense anger, history keeps repeating itself, career issues, indecisiveness etc. 

All of these issues prevent you from being your best self. As you walk this journey with me, you will clearly see that you have the power to change everything! However, at the same time you are your own worst enemy. It is my job to help you overcome these obstacles so that you can grow into your full potential, and discover the “true you” that’s hidden beneath all of the baggage, limiting beliefs, bad habits, unresolved issues and unexpressed emotions. 

The key to living the life that you desperately want, lies within you!

Throughout the years of helping people achieve their goals, I have dealt with many issues that have prevented my clients from achieving their dreams. I have been in the Martial Art industry for a long time and I have created multiple champions, and some of my students placed among the best in the world. Taking someone and helping them to achieve their goals is what I do best. I have walked the journey myself, and I am therefore fully aware of all the struggles that you may face on your way to greatness. 

Note that everything we discuss in our session is completely confidential, and you are 100% safe to express everything without judgement.

If you want to unlock your full potential and become the “you” that you are destined to be, then make sure you contact me and book a session! Click on the button below to find out more about pricing and availability.