Do you take pride in having a “hard ass” attitude towards others? Maybe it feels to you that people will respect you more when you are like this. Showing your soft side is a sign of weakness right?

​Let’s call a spade a spade, you have hardened your heart because you have been through serious trauma. This caused you to build stone walls around your heart in order to protect yourself. Now ask yourself this question, is it difficult to develop a heart of stone?

​Some of you might believe that it is. However, it’s actually quite easy. To cut out your soft part and trample on it is what most people do, vowing to never show that side of you again. You vow to never show your emotions, perhaps also to never feel them again too.

​You know what is WAY harder to do? To maintain your soft heart of compassion and love despite the pain. I respect people so much who can stay authentic after life has broken them down. I have been down the road of hardening my heart due to trauma, and let me tell you, it’s way harder to receive the pain and still be loving and compassionate.

​This world is full of suffering and heartbreak. Having a soft heart of compassion and love is one of the most courageous and hardest things that you can do in this world. Hardening up is not something that you should be proud of. I certainly am not proud that I was once like that. It means that you have disconnected from living from your heart and soul. You have allowed life to destroy the true beauty that is within you. Love is the strongest force that we have and you ripped it out of your being.

Are you proud of that?

​The reason that you have developed a heart of stone in the first place was because you were hurt. Someone hardened their heart towards you… So why would you repeat the cycle? Why hurt more people by turning your own heart into stone?

​Instead, make the scary and risky decision of falling down 7 times and getting up 8 times. When you receive hardness, respond with softness. Break down your stone walls, and let the beauty of love and compassion consume your heart once again.

​Give other people what you needed once upon a time when someone shattered your heart. There’s more than enough insensitive people on this planet, choose to become the minority. Be brave.​