A relationship is something really special. Most of us do not understand what the purpose of relationships actually are. Once you begin to understand the purpose of a relationship, you start to experience it for what it truly is. Not understanding relationships leads to a lot of unnecessary suffering, especially when it comes to understanding the spiritual part of relationships. There are many reasons why relationships are a major part of our existence. One of them is that a relationship serves as a mirror, a mirror that can be used for your own spiritual growth and development. When you experience a relationship as it’s meant to be experienced, it’s absolutely beautiful. Now-a-days it’s rare that a relationship develops to it’s final stage, which is spiritual unity and a deep connection. Where both people connect soul to soul, this is something indescribable. However, to get to that stage is extremely difficult in this day and age. If you manage to do the necessary inner work to be able to evolve into that type of relationship, you will experience a blessing that cannot be put into words…

As I have mentioned, a relationship serves as a mirror. It reflects your current state back at you. But there are many foolish people out in the world, they see their face in the mirror and they see it is ugly. They then destroy the mirror. The logic is apparent: the mirror is making you ugly, so destroy the mirror and then you can feel beautiful again.

​Whenever you are in a relationship with a person; a wife, a husband, a friend, a lover, an enemy – a mirror is there. The wife mirrors the husband. You can experience and see yourself through her. And if you become an ugly husband, if the reflection you see in that mirror is ugly, don’t try to leave your wife – the ugliness is within you. Drop that ugliness. The mirror is beautiful; be thankful for this mirror.

However, foolish and cowardly people always escape and renounce the mirror; brave and wise people live in the relationship and use the mirror to improve themselves. Being in a relationship with someone results in a constant mirroring around you.

Every moment the other reveals you and exposes you. The closer the relationship, the clearer the mirror will be; use the mirror to see your own flaws and ugliness, then use that as a guideline to improve yourself and to fix those areas, keep working until you are happy with the reflection that is given back to you through the relationship.

This is one of the reasons why relationships are one of the most important tools in your spiritual journey. They play a massive role in self-discovery and self-improvement.