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Are you really truly there for your partner in your relationships? Many people think that they are “there” for their partner, but in fact, they are not nearly as involved as what they could be. Many times, they see their relationship as just another thing on their “to-do” list. Carefully analyse yourself, are you simply […]


Strive to be confident in who you are and become in touch with yourself! If you are not in touch with yourself and confident about who you are, you will always feel that you need external validation, you will always need someone’s approval to feel that you exist, that you are accepted. You are never […]


Women are incredibly special and we tend to forget about the spiritual uniqueness that they have. They have been chosen by God to be the carrier of souls into the physical existence. They are the ones who bring a new soul into this world, that in itself demands the highest form of respect. Not only […]


Do you take pride in having a “hard ass” attitude towards others? Maybe it feels to you that people will respect you more when you are like this. Showing your soft side is a sign of weakness right? ​Let’s call a spade a spade, you have hardened your heart because you have been through serious […]


If you fracture your hand, you will experience pain. This is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It’s trying to draw your attention to the problem. Most people get caught up with the pain itself. We so desperately want relief that we put all of our effort into trying to make […]


A relationship is something really special. Most of us do not understand what the purpose of relationships actually are. Once you begin to understand the purpose of a relationship, you start to experience it for what it truly is. Not understanding relationships leads to a lot of unnecessary suffering, especially when it comes to understanding […]


CLINGING TO A SET OUTCOME ​Understand that life is constantly changing. You should be like a cork drifting in the ocean, accept what comes and flow with it. Resistance to change is what causes our suffering. Accepting change is what allows us to flow with the current of life, instead of fighting against it. Abandon […]