​Understand that life is constantly changing. You should be like a cork drifting in the ocean, accept what comes and flow with it. Resistance to change is what causes our suffering. Accepting change is what allows us to flow with the current of life, instead of fighting against it. Abandon your view of how you think things “should” go. Flow with the waves of life, change is necessary for your own evolution.

​This is when we use our emotions in order to justify something as truth. We think to ourselves, “If I feel negative emotions, it must be because this is wrong.” Alternatively, if you feel good emotions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the truth or a “good decision”. This is why logical thinking and reasoning is important.


​How you choose to label something (assign a certain meaning), will determine your emotional response. If you assign a positive label to an experience or situation, it will generate a positive emotional response. You can either attach an empowering label or a disempowering label to something. If you attach a disempowering label it will make you feel bad and generate a negative emotional response. Always try to attach empowering labels to all your experiences, these labels will generate a positive emotional response.


This is when you only pay attention to certain types of evidence. Many of us ignore or distort certain facts that oppose our view, and cling to facts that support our own views. Try to steer away from this method of “Mental Filtering” and see the totality of the facts without your biased filtering.

​There are two types of this. First there is attempting to read the minds of others (pretending to know what is going on in their minds), and secondly there is attempting to predict the future through your own thoughts (pretending to know what will happen in the future). The fact is, you can’t do either of these. Your future is constantly changing, what you decide to do in the present moment will affect the future. Stop worrying about the future and create the future that you want! When it comes to “reading minds” the antidote here is to communicate. Talk openly and try to understand the other person through deep communication, rather than pretending to know what they are thinking and feeling.

Blowing things out of proportion, or inappropriately shrinking something in order to make it seem less important can create many problems. Accept things as they are and see it for what it is. Seek to understand the situation fully, instead of imposing your personal view on it. Our unique combination of life experiences taint the glasses through which we view situations. Remove these lenses and start to see everything for what it really is.

​Forgetting your blessings and all of the good things in your life feeds your negativity. This might also apply to ignoring all of the good things that you have done in your life. Do not focus on the negative things. What you seek is what you will find, if you focus on negativity, you will find more things to be negative about.