Women are incredibly special and we tend to forget about the spiritual uniqueness that they have. They have been chosen by God to be the carrier of souls into the physical existence. They are the ones who bring a new soul into this world, that in itself demands the highest form of respect.

Not only this, but when a woman has got a healthy inner world and a healthy connection with her soul, she will become incredibly powerful and radiate with powerful energy. Naturally, women experience emotions in it’s raw form, and they are also naturally in touch with a high level of intuition. (Men are too but due to various reasons most men lose touch of this side)

The moment a woman understands that all emotions are messengers, she will unlock the ability to decipher these internal messages and use it to navigate through life. This is why women can play a vital role in guiding their household and loved ones. They are sensitive to their inner world, which brings them a lot of wisdom and knowledge. (Some women block this connection due to trauma and lose touch of this natural ability)

Once a month, their sensitivity to these emotions and sensations are heightened and their physical bodies forces them to slow down. This time has great spiritual significance, it increases their ability to reflect within themselves and to do intense introspection and spiritual work. This does require practice and mastery like any other skill, but it can be used to your advantage in order to bring about change.

On top of this the love of a woman has the power to transform many things. A spiritually healthy and balanced woman has the ability to soften even the hardest heart. The love and loyalty of a woman like this is something beyond this world. The energy of a woman’s love is a power that you will not understand until you have experienced it for yourself.

It is in their core “programming” to be like this, but due to emotional baggage, unresolved trauma and many other things, we as humans corrupt our true nature. This causes us to be a corrupt version of our true spiritual nature. Know that deep within a woman’s soul, this is her nature.

Think about it for a second, why do see a woman as less than this? This is her divine nature, give her the respect that she deserves. If she has been corrupted by life, and she has lost touch with her true nature… gently guide her back to her true nature, with love and compassion. Hate and resentment should not have a place in your heart. If a woman does not act in accordance with her true nature, she is hurt, lost and needs guidance. The spiritual role of men includes protecting the vulnerable. Do not kick someone when they are down, reach out instead and offer your protection and loving guidance.

If you are reading this, it’s time to let go of the taints that life has put on your soul. Begin the healing process and reconnect with your true spiritual nature!