The Workshops are practical seminars where I teach the group about a certain topic. Because of its practical nature, the Workshops usually require a bigger timeslot than my Public Speaking/Teachings. The purpose of the Workshop is to cover both the theory and practical side of the specific topic, which makes it an all-rounded learning experience. The number of people that I limit the group with depends on the chosen topic, some areas require more personal attention and I would prefer to not have too many people in a group like that. The Workshops will transform your life. When you leave a Workshop, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to improve your life in various ways.

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Dealing with toxic relationships
The truth about Soulmates
How to create and maintain a healthy relationship
Dealing with conflict within a relationship
The purpose of relationships 
Why are most relationships so destructive
Why you attract the same type of people
The difference between “soul love” and “ego love”
How to create a spiritual relationship 
How to be a better parent and connect with your children
Understanding your children and their experiences

Finding your purpose in life
Why do bad things happen in your life
How to cultivate Self-Love
How to change your behaviour
Why people experience a mid-life crisis and how to avoid it
How to take the power back in your life
Seeing yourself for who you truly are and what to do about it
How to become who you desperately want to be
Understanding your true identity and reconnect with your true self
Cultivating compassion and dealing with anger

The purpose of emotions and how to use with them
Learning how to control your mind
The importance of “filling your own cup” and why it’s important 
Dealing with unresolved issues and baggage from the past
How to detox your whole being and why you should make time for it
The importance of balance in your life
How to stay motivated and achieve your goals
Understanding how the deeper parts of your being influences your health
How to be more productive and creative
Dealing with bullying and abuse

These are examples of topics that I cover in my workshops and teachings, there are many more. I structure my workshops around the needs of the group. When we discuss the nature of the workshop, I will structure the workshop according to the needs of the group. If you are interested in checking availability, be sure to contact me as soon as possible.