Strive to be confident in who you are and become in touch with yourself!

If you are not in touch with yourself and confident about who you are, you will always feel that you need external validation, you will always need someone’s approval to feel that you exist, that you are accepted. You are never in a position where you can actually be there for someone. You will always have a void of insecurity that you have to fill, you’ll always be looking for validation in every conversation. If you hate yourself how can you be there for anyone?

Let’s say your wife or husband had a rough day or issues in his/her life, and he/she starts sharing their issues with you.. And the issues are intense, they are difficult to listen to. What type of person can really listen and be there for him/her and which type will not be there?

If I always need someone’s approval to feel that I exist, I will always look for the validation, the acceptance. I will always be looking for the comments like “you are such a good husband” etc etc. but of course that doesn’t come in this conversation because she’s stressed out about her own issues. But If I am wholesome inside, if you know who you are and you are comfortable with that and someone comes and talks to you, you can actually suspend yourself for the time being and listen and be there for that person. Because you are not using them to fill a void inside yourself, so now you can actually be present and give to people, instead of taking and feeding off of them to fill your own void.

People who are confident in themselves and in touch with themselves are selfless, they can give and be there for people. They don’t need to receive from people all the time, as they are content with who they are.

How can you be there for your child if you cannot be there for yourself? There is no way, if you hate yourself, there is no “I” to even love. You are not radiating love because you don’t have love for yourself, so how will your child or anyone around you even feel the presence of love?

Take care of yourself, and that will start to flow into all areas of your life. Everything starts with YOU.